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Day 1 again/Night 1

Sadly I was not consistent over the holiday and my weight shows it. I am now 189.2 lbs so I’ve gained a couple of pounds through this process. I started (again) the 7-day beginner trainer along with my own personal HIIT cardio program this morning. I was able to finish 10 rounds of day 1 in 15 minutes. I then went back to the gym tonight and did an hour of cardio, 25 minutes on the bike 6.6 miles and 35 minutes on the elliptical 3.5 miles.

My mission is to be 165 by March 2015 by working out and eating 1600 calories per day. Here’s my stats and picture from my workouts of the day, wish me luck!


7 day beginner trainer by

So this morning I started the 7-day beginner trainer from It was a very simple but challenging workout. In 10-15 minutes your are to continually repeat the following workout:

1. Body weight squats – 8 reps
2. Inverted rows – 8 reps
3. Push ups – 8 reps
4. Alternating lunges – 8 reps on each side

I’m happy to say in about 13 minutes I completed 7 rounds equaling to 56 reps for each exercise. I followed the circuit with my 20 minute HIIT workout on the bike completing 4.8 miles. I’m so happy to be back in the gym doing my 7-day fix!