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Injury sucks..but foam rolling is everything!!!

So it’s been awhile and I am ready to restart my project of comparing 7 day workout programs. Unfortunately I had two injuries that had sidelined me for a bit. I pulled my hamstring and was having IT band issues. However, with appropriate stretching, foam rolling, and rest I think I’m ready to start again.

As I begin again, for all of my workouts I will add the following caveat, if the workout does not have cardio or if I don’t feel challenged by the cardio. I will do 20-25 minutes of high intensity training on a bike, treadmill, etc. The intervals will look like this: 30 sec high intensity, 1 min easy, with aims of reversing the intervals to 1 min high intensity and 30 sec easy over time. Wish me luck again.

P.S. Throughout this process I will be adhering to a clean diet at least 5 days a week.