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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Day 2&3

So yesterday I completed day 2 which was just to track your diet and I did ok but realized I waste a lot of calories on sugary snacks. Thus I had to find good alternatives, one of those is honey crisp apples, YUMMY!

Day 3’s workout, I did before my thanksgiving meal. First I walked 2 miles with my husband, then I performed the following exercises:

1. Dumbbell squats 2 X 12
2a. Sumo squats 2 X 12
2b. Alternating lunges 2 X 12
2c. One arm Dumbbell row 2 X 12
3a. Push-ups 2 X 12
3b. Reverse crunches 2 X 20

I followed this workout with 6.4 miles in 25 minutes on bike using a HIIT format. Overall it was a good workout!


Day 3 complete

So I did a late night workout to complete my day 3 on this 7 day reboot and I must say I could feel it in my legs. I was able to complete all 4 rounds and the only hiccup I had was the Zova app. It worked really well for 2 rounds but when I went to repeat the workout it was frozen, this maybe because I’m a free user. I will research this and find out because the Zova app really enhances the workout experience. Check out my fit pic below:


Today marks day 3 of the 7 day reboot designed by Zova and Vie activewear.  Today’s workout is all about sculpting and toning the legs using body weight, I am excited to try it!

Overall this 7 day reboot has been really good, and I the workouts have lived up to their description check my day 1 feedback here, and my day 2 here.